Relationship Marketing – Email Marketing

Building Relationships through Email Marketing

Every astute company knows that it is far cheaper to sell a product or service to a current client than it is to source new clients for your offering.

Online marketing efforts like SEO, Adwords and social media marketing have one prime objective; increase the number of prospects that come to your website with the aim of converting theme to customers.

Why Email Marketing?


Relationship MarketingThe objective of email marketing or relationship marketing is to build a relationship with both prospects and customers with the hope of turning them into either long-term clients or repeat customers.

There are going to be times when a prospect visits your site to get more information about your offering or perhaps even just to get an idea of cost so that they can add it to their budget for the future. Unless you have a way of creating a relationship with these people, there is a good chance that they will not remember you specifically when they are ready to purchase. They are going to simply search for the offering online again and you are going to need to compete with others for the transaction. However, if you could get them to sign up to your newsletter or email list, you will remain top-of-mind and their is a far greater chance that they will transact with you.

Why would they join your List?

So how exactly do you get a complete stranger to sign up to receive ongoing news from you? The answer is quite simple. You offer them something that will be valuable to them as a trade off for their name and email address. This could be a physical or digital product or even just some information that they really want. It is commonly known as an ethical bribe. You assure them that their details are safe and that they can opt out of your list at any time so they have nothing to lose.

3 Essential Factors that will keep your list growing

Getting someone onto your list is a good start, but if you want to get your money’s worth you need to keep them on your list. To achieve this you need to make sure that your news that you send them includes 3 elements. It needs to be unique. Don’t send them generic information that they could get anywhere. They don’t need to be on your list to get this. The information must also be compelling. It needs to keep the attention of the reader and compel them to take appropriate action. Finally, your content should be valuable. If you can leave your prospects feeling like they received value from your content, they will look forward to your next newsletter or message. On the other hand, if they feel like they got nothing out of it, the chances of them unsubscribing is very good.

Building Relationships on Autopilot

This is where the true value of email marketing lies. Even if you can see that incorporating relationship marketing into your overall internet marketing strategy is important, chances are you are a little concerned about the amount of work it will take to continuously build relationships with each new prospect.

Email MarketingThe good news is that you don’t need to. We help you set everything up to run on autopilot. By setting up a number of newsletters or messages that contain ‘evergreen’ information upfront, we can then schedule these messages to go out at set intervals over a period of time.

Every time a new person signs up for your newsletter, they will receive the first message and then continue to receive the additional scheduled messages over the set period of time. So the work has been done upfront and now continues to operate without any further intervention from your side. Naturally, you can broadcast other messages or special offers at any time to everyone on your list should you wish to do so, but even if you don’t, your preset messages will continue to build a relationship with your prospect or customer on autopilot.

Let us make it work for you

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