Reputation Marketing and Management

Stand Out with a 5 Star Reputation

5 Star Reputation MarketingGetting your website ranking in Google is great, provided that your online reputation is great too. Having a negative online reputation can be devastating to your business, but having no reputation at all is not much better.

Reputation Management vs. Reputation Marketing

Reputation Management services focuses on protecting your brand image. Much time is spent monitoring any mention of your brand online and and handling all negative feedback in hope of turning it into positive feedback. So in short, the focus is the preservation of your brand.

Reputation marketing, on the other hand, actively seeks to capture and promote positive sentiment towards your brand. The aim is to instill a Reputation Marketing culture within your organisation. This includes the training of staff to ask for and capture positive feedback from clients. This is then promoted all over the internet so that your company can enjoy an overwhelming 5 Star rating online.

Effective reputation marketing pushes negative feedback down to the point where no-one sees it anymore. With only 5-Star feedback backing your brand, prospects feel confident in the social proof of your service level. This is often the most important objection to overcome in order to close a sale.

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