ROI Blueprint


ROI Blueprint

Return On Investment Blueprint

Before you consider allocating any of your budget to internet marketing, it is crucial that you have your ROI Blueprint in place. All online marketing or SEO services should be planned and executed around this blueprint to ensure that everything is on track and in line with expectations or progress of ROI.


What is an ROI Blueprint?

In a sentence, an ROI Blueprint is an independent Blueprint that considers several factors and then does calculations to clearly show the internet marketing opportunity as it fits into the scope of your business objectives, what it will take to harness the various elements of the opportunity and which of these elements will be profitable.

We start off by giving you a list of questions to complete. This is followed by an hour long consultation where we will work through the question sheet and ensure that we understand exactly what opportunities fit best for your company and the income potential of these opportunities.

Next we go back and investigate the scope of the opportunity as relates to target enquiries, competition, time and cost to harness the opportunity. This is broken down into the various topics or keywords. We then consider the income potential based on the target enquiries and calculate the revenue and profit that you can expect monthly, annually, and / or for the lifetime of the client as relevant to your product or service.

Finally, we meet with you again for an hour consultation where we work through the report and show you what focus areas would be most profitable and what would prove to be a waste of resources.

Armed with this information, you can decide on the marketing campaigns that make most sense to you, where to start and how to best scale it up so as to get the biggest return on investment.

The ROI blueprint has specifically been designed as an independent report. You can take advantage of this even if you already have a marketing team or SEO company in place. As this is a paid-for Blueprint, our income is not dependent on showing you positive opportunities with the hope of procuring your business. The results are objective and give you a true reflection of the opportunity.


SEO PlanningWhy Do I need this blueprint?

The value of this blueprint speaks for itself. You would never build a house without a clear blueprint that lays everything out from beginning to end. Imagine building a house without one. The plumber might have no idea where the plumbing should run. He could use is initiative, but unless provision was made to ensure that the pipes meet the main drainage system and that the descending slope from the house to the main drain was adequate , you could find yourself incurring a lot of extra costs to break things down and rebuild again. How many of these trials-n-errors could you go through before your dream home started to cost more than it is worth?

Interestingly, we find that many companies, both large and small, have no ROI Blueprint in place for their marketing activities both online and physical. It’s not all your fault, though. In the same way as a builder would request your blueprints and then assist you to get blueprints drawn up if you had none, a good internet marketing or SEO company should do the same.

Whether you are about to start your online marketing strategy or you already have one implemented, if you don’t have an ROI Blueprint in place, please call us now so that we can provide you with one and limit any costs spent on things that will not provide a return on investment and let you focus your efforts on that which will give you the best ROI.