Search Engine Marketing – Adwords

Online Advertising – Pay Per Click

Pay-per-click or PPC is, in essence, online advertising. One of the most popular platforms for this is Google, but effective marketing and advertising campaigns can also be run on Yahoo, Bing and social networks such as Facebook. – Go here for more on Social Media Marketing. Another platform that has grown in popularity among advertisers is Youtube.

In this section we are going to focus on Search Engine Advertising.

Google AdwordsHow it works

In a nutshell, you bid a set amount that you are willing to pay if someone sees your ad and clicks through to your site. This can vary from a few cents to a few hundred Rands per click, depending on the niche and competitiveness for the keywords. The more you are willing to spend per click in relation to your competition, the higher you will show up in the advertising section of the search results. This is an effective way to get leads instantly and with the right research and management, you could see a really good return on your investment.

Managing Adwords Spend

You can manage your Adwords spend to ensure that you do not go over budget. You can decide on a maximum amount of money that you are happy to spend per day.

In essence, your ad will show up until your daily budget is used up after which it will disappear until the next day.

Fine-Tuning Your advertising Campaign

You can customise your campaign to quite an extent. You can choose the demographics you want to target, what days you want your ad to display, and even the time of day. You can also select whether you want your ad to only show up in the search results or to also show up as a banner ad on relevant websites.

Why You Should Let Us Manage Your Adwords Campaign

Like all digital marketing, Adwords is about getting the best return on investment. There are factors beyond the bid that determine the amount that Google will charge you per click. It is often the case that a well managed ad campaign will allow a company to have a lower cost per click while showing up above a competitor who is paying significantly more money per click.

These factors include things like relevancy of an ad. This is simply Google tracking the amount of people clicking through to an ad as a percentage of the number of times that ad has been displayed. The higher this percentage, the more Google will reward you with a discounted cost per click. Conversely, a low percentage will result in a high cost per click.


If two companies each spend R4,000 on Adwords and company A pays R5 per click while company B pays R8 per click, company A will get 800 visitors to their website, while company B will only get 500 visitors to their website. If we assume for this exercise that the websites of both companies convert visitors to customers equally well at 5%, company A will have secured 40 new customers at an acquisition cost of R100 per customer, while company B will only secure 25 new customers at an acquisition cost of R160 per customer. That is 60% more per acquisition.

We do not only do in-depth keyword research upfront, but continue to monitor the performance of ads per keyword. We tweak the ones that produce good results while substituting those that hurt your overall score. Moreover, we understand how to write ads that grab the attention of prospects and our split-testing ensures that we can quickly discover what ads gain the most attention.

It’s not rocket science, but it takes a correct understanding of what works and the time and dedication to continuously monitor and tweak performance. We have the experience and team in place that can do this effectively while you get to focus on what really matters – your business.

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