Last updated on September 30th, 2022

International SEO Services

The Global Market Opportunity

The world as a global marketplace has become more accessible now than ever before. With ever-increasing breakthroughs in modern technology, we are living in an era where brand-new technology is developed every 30 days.

The ability to engage in high video conferences makes it easy for your business to undertake negotiations with a company in another country from the comfort of your office. Reputable courier services offer reliable delivery of goods globally with the added peace of mind that comes with both you and your client being able to track the whereabouts of these goods at all times.

There has never been a better time to build a worldwide brand or, at the very least, to promote your products and services to a global audience.

Our Global SEO Services

Global SEO Services

Global search engine optimization (SEO) is, in all simplicity, the marketing of a website to a global audience for terms (or keywords) that this audience would search for online.

While National SEO focuses on ranking keywords in (local), Global SEO focuses on ranking keywords in (international) for the most part.

Global SEO can be broken down into 2 segments:

1. Global SEO Footprint

The global SEO footprint is for companies that would like to appeal to a worldwide audience on a global scale. Thus, the optimization is focused on positioning a site for a global reach. Great examples of global sites include, and

This does not mean that if your site is not up to standard with these sites you cannot rank in the global market. However, while ranking in the global market will attract visitors from around the world, the content of your website should be both appealing and compelling if it is going to convert online visitors to customers.

2. Worldwide Local SEO Footprint

Where the Global SEO Footprint aims at engaging a global audience, the Worldwide Local SEO Footprint focuses on driving Local SEO in different countries.

So as opposed to optimizing a keyword for (international), it seeks to optimize keywords for local search engines around the world like (UK), (New Zealand), etc.

This is best achieved by either optimising multiple local websites targeting associated countries or a ‘multisite’ website where each ‘sub-site’ targets a different country.

The latter is generally easier to manage and maintain. The former could make sense if you plan to sell off locations in the future and plan to include the local website in the sale.

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