Last updated on September 30th, 2022

National SEO Services

National SEO is the correct choice for your company if you are looking to either promote to a national audience or to clusters of local audiences throughout the country.

A good example of a national SEO Footprint opportunity would be that of an online florist that delivers country-wide. One of the main keywords for this company would be ‘online florist’.

SEO for Corporate Branches

National SEO Map

On the other hand, if this florist was a company with branches in major cities and wanted to rank locally in all the major cities where they were located, they would want to include the city names as a modifier at the end of their main keyword. So, the main keywords, in this case, would be ‘florist Cape Town’, ‘florist Johannesburg’, ‘florist Pretoria’, etc.

This is not to say that this company could not choose to rank for a term like ‘online florist’ as well and then send enquiries to the relevant branches. Just understand that this would be appealing to a different audience and would not automatically cover enquiries from local prospects.

Feel free to contact us to discuss the best possible marketing campaign for your company. We will tailor our corporate SEO services to ensure the best ROI blueprint for you.

Franchise SEO

SEO for franchises is very much the same as for branches. The key differences lie more in the type of agreement than the processes that we follow to achieve results. Depending on the internal agreements between franchisor and franchisees, this could impact whether or not all franchised areas will be optimized, if the billing will be centralised or if each franchisee will be billed separately, etc. We cater to all needs. Naturally, pricing is influenced by the model that is chosen.

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