Why Invest In SEO Services?

7 Profitable reasons for your business to invest in SEO (and Internet Marketing as a whole)

  1. Improve your online presence
  2. Gain prospects that are already actively
    looking for your product or service
  3. Increase sales and consequently, income
  4. Grow your local or national customer base
  5. Strengthen your brand equity
  6. Outperform your competitors
  7. Dominate your market

SEO is cost-effective and offers the added advantage of clearly tracking your return on investment (ROI)

Take action now and reap the benefits!

    Client Reviews
    We started with SEO at IM Applied late 2016 and could notice the increase in our web exposure 2-3 months after. Great service and they go the extra mile. I would have no problem recommending them to either my friends or business associates.
    Huston Ware, Belting Edge

    Before we started SEO with IM Applied we only came up on the 3rd page of Google for our Brand. Now we rank at the top of Google for a whole list of targeted keywords and even outrank Adobe for some Adobe related keywords.

    Tim Smith, Learning Curve

    Not only have we seen our website move up the first page of Google. We have also experienced an increase in booking inquiries.

    Phillip Lamb, OSSA

    We have been really happy with our decision to use Karl at IM Applied to handle our online advertising campaign.

    Emily Lamour, Wareham

    I am writing to you in sincere appreciation of the outstanding service and superior work that you have provided for my company in getting our electronic media requirements off the ground.

    Andrew Gill, Contractor SAM

    The Layman’s Guide To SEO Services In Cape Town

    To save you the pain of listening to our Digital Gibberish, we have attempted a Layman’s approach to explain how all online businesses start out and the role of SEO to improve business performance.

    Here goes…

    The Problem
    Having an attractive company website can be likened to having an attractive online office or storefront. However, if your company is located in some back street of Cape Town where your ideal prospects never venture, it does not matter how attractive it is, you are going to lose all ‘walk-in’ business to your competitors who have their offices in prime locations.

    The Challenge
    In the online world all new offices start out in a back street somewhere. You can’t just move to a better location. You have to prove to search engines like Google that your business deserves a prime location more than your competitors who are currently enjoying that prime spot.

    The Solution
    Our Effective SEO services helps move your company out of the back streets and into a prime location where prospects are actively looking for what you have to offer.

    The Reward
    Your business will be right there where your ideal prospects are actively looking for your products or services. That means that you will receive a ton of ‘walk-in’ buyers who are already motivated to make a purchase or book your services. More than this, you are in a prime location so your prospects will know that you are a reputable, trustworthy brand, making that buying decision so much easier. Ultimately, this will result in a significant growth in sales, and as a consequence, income into your business.

    In a nutshell, we create the Relevance, Trust and Authority for your website that forces Google to rank your site at the top of the Search Engine – The PRIME LOCATION for your business.

    AND that is where you will be found by hoards of customers actively looking for what you have to offer!

    Some Clients That Have Benefitted From Our Services

    What Sets Us Apart as an SEO Company?

    Power Partners

    We consider ourselves to be more than a provider of Digital Marketing and SEO Services. We are your Power Partner. We understand the dynamics of business and align our Digital Marketing and SEO efforts to drive your company goals and objectives.

    Results Driven

    Unlike SEO agencies that charge you for time spent on SEO activies, we opt to go the extra mile and put in whatever it takes to get you results. We believe that if you are getting ongoing results that benefit your business, you will always remain our client.

    A Focus on ROI

    You employ our services to increase your exposure and drive prospects to your website so that you can enjoy increased sales and income. Thus, we measure our results not only by how well your site is ranking, but also by your Return on Investment.

    Best Minds in SEO

    IM Applied is part of an international Mastermind group comprising of some of the best SEO minds in the world. We share tried-and-tested SEO strategies and our combined knowledge base ensures that our Optimization campaigns are cutting edge.

    Find the Right SEO Solution For Your Business

    There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to SEO and to we would need to look at your specific business, goals, and market environment to give you an SEO proposal that makes sense. That said, the options below should help to give you an idea of what SEO category you fall into.

    Ready To Grow Your Business Online?

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      A Few More Good Reasons To Partner With Us

      SEO should be measured by results, not activities completed. Too many companies offer standard ‘SEO Packages’ where you are charged for a list of activities completed. The problem with this is that their accountability is limited to activities completed and not results achieved.

      At IM Applied, we create customised, performance-based SEO solutions that are measured by rankings in the Search Engines  and which result in increased qualified leads to your business.

      In the world of internet marketing, one shoe does not fit all. As a business, we know that every business is unique and we make it our business to understand all facets of your business so that we can develop a well-strategised digital marketing / SEO campaign that produces results that are in line with your goals.

      All our services are designed with one main end goal in mind; to offer an excellent return on investment.

      • Website design focuses on building websites that are attractive, functional, user-friendly and optimized for Search Engines.
      • SEO services drive your website to the top of Google where it can be seen by qualified prospects actively seeking what you have to offer.
      • While SEM / Adwords captures a far smaller segment of those searching online when compared to SEO, it instantly places your website in front of a customer at the time they are looking to make a purchase.
      • E-commerce focuses on creating an efficient online system where the entire sales process is completed online. The fulfillment process of digital products can be completely automated, while many of the processes involved in the fulfillment of physical products can also be automated. Depending on your needs, this system can also integrate with your accounting software to update stock automatically.

      So as you can see, our internet marketing services work together to increase your income and provide the best possible return on investment for your marketing budget.

      While it is true that we are a local SEO company in Cape Town, our SEO services are in no way limited to SEO Cape Town. We offer Local SEONational SEO and Global SEO  as part of our internet marketing services and have the pleasure of working with clients both in South Africa and abroad.

      Probably one of the most important factors you may be interested in is undeniable proof that we are able to achieve the results we claim. You have likely seen the testimonials on this page from some of our happy clients, but we can go a step further than this.

      When we meet with you, we will be happy to show you live, up-to-date results that we currently attain for companies in various market sectors. Not only will this put to rest any concerns you may have to this regard, but it will also get you excited for what your company can achieve through our digital marketing services.