The Layman's Guide To SEO Services

We understand that you may not get nearly as excited as we do about the technical aspects of Search Engine Optimization and that our 'SEO talk' does nothing more than hurt your head.

We have, therefore, tried to summarise what we do in a way that we hope will make sense to you.

Here goes...
The Problem
Having an attractive company website can be likened to having an attractive online office or storefront. However, if your company is located in some back street where your ideal prospects never venture, it does not matter how attractive it is, you are going to lose all walk-in business to your competitors who have their offices in prime locations.

The Challenge
In the online world all new offices start off in a back street somewhere. You can't just move to a better location. You have to prove that your business deserves it.

The Solution
Effective SEO services helps move your company out of the back streets and into a prime location where prospects are actively looking for what you have to offer.

What Sets Us Apart?

Power Partners

We consider ourselves to be more than a provider of Digital Marketing and SEO Services. We are your Power Partner. We understand the dynamics of business and align our efforts to drive your company goals and objectives as pertains to Digital Marketing and SEO.

Results Driven

Unlike SEO agencies that charge you for time spent on SEO activies, we opt to go the extra mile and put in whatever it takes to get you results. We believe that if you are getting ongoing results that benefit your business, you will always remain our client.

A Focus on ROI

You employ our services to increase your exposure and drive prospects to your website so that you can enjoy increased sales and income. Thus, we measure our results not only by how well your site is ranking, but also by your Return on Investment.

Best Minds in SEO

IM Applied is part of an international Mastermind group comprising of some of the best SEO minds in the world. We share tried-and-tested SEO strategies and our combined knowledge base ensures that our Optimization campaigns are cutting edge.

Find the Right SEO Package For Your Business

Our SEO Packages can be divided into the following broad segments:
Local SEO is targeted at companies that have a local presence. These companies would typically want to rank for ‘Keyword + Area’. For instance, a real estate company in Cape Town might want to rank for ‘houses for sale in Cape Town’ or ‘estate agents Cape Town’. So, then, Cape Town based SEO Services for a Cape Town based business.
National SEO is aimed at companies that either service or provide products in multiple areas and are not looking to establish a local presence. These companies would like to be seen by prospects nationally.

If you fall into this category, you would simply want to rank for a keyword without an area added at the end. So as an example, a florist that delivers to any national destination might want to rank for ‘Online Florist’ or ‘send flowers nationally’ or perhaps ‘send flowers online’.
International SEO is similar to national SEO except for that national SEO will target the local search engine ( whereas international SEO will target
Okay, so I made that name up, but hybrid SEO services would be a combination of any of the above. This would typically benefit a company with multiple branches or a franchise. In this case such a company might want a national or international presence, but each branch or franchisee may require local presence.

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    Some Frequently Asked Questions

    1What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?
    Search Engine Optimization or SEO in layman’s terms is the act of taking a website and getting it to rank (appear) organically on the first page of Google for a chosen keyword or keyword phrase. For example, if your company is a hair salon in or around Cape Town and you have a website, you would likely want to rank that site on the first page of Google for the keyword ‘hair salons in Cape Town’ as there are a good number of people that search for this keyword every month. These people are actively looking for a hair salon in the area and if they can find your site, there is a good chance they will visit it and you will be receiving some good quality leads.

    Organic ranking simply means that it is not a paid Google ad, but a natural ranking so you don’t pay money to Google every time someone clicks through to your website as you would with Google Advertising (Adwords).

    The way this is done is rather complex and can take a considerable amount of work and resource depending on the competitiveness of the keyword/s that the site needs to rank for, but in short, it is accomplished by creating authority, trust and relevance for the said keyword in the eyes of Google. Ultimately, the website which has the most authority, trust and relevance will rank the highest.
    2Is It Possible to Rank My Site on the First Page of Google?
    Perhaps the better question to ask is "What would it take to rank my website on the 1st page of Google?"

    With a sound SEO strategy, any website can rank on the first page of Google. It is more a matter of whether the time and resources required to rank a website is worth the income (direct or indirect) that these rankings will produce.

    Proper research can give you a good idea of what keywords will produce the best return on investment, ensuring that your hard-earned investment produces healthy results.

    At IM Applied, we always perform top-level keyword research to assess the lead-generation potential of keywords. For a more in-depth research, we recommend our ROI Blueprint. This blueprint, will give you a clear indication of what it will take to rank your website for targeted keywords, how long it will likely take to get you ranking, and what your expected ROI might be.
    3Do You Have Standard SEO Packages?
    There are companies that sell standard SEO packages. While these may or may not work for some websites, it is important to realise that when you purchase such packages, you are purchasing the SEO processes with no guarantee of results. Without a sound strategy and constant monitoring of factors that influence the positive or negative movement of a site through the Google serps, applying such SEO could be likened to throwing mud against a wall with the hope that some of it will stick.

    We prefer to take a look at your company goals and build a customised SEO services package that is tailored to meet these goals.

    For a real idea of what it would take to rank your website in Google as pertains to both time and resources, simply contact us for an obligation free meeting or skype call.

    We will analyze your site and the competition and give you a clear understanding of what it will take. Hey, it just may not be as bad as you think. Either way, you will have the information at hand to make a calculated decision as to whether SEO services will be profitable for you.

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